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Judge Valentine's Day Sketch
Its several days past Valentine's Day so I'm submitting this waaay late, but it's just a quick sketch that I never got around to uploading so screw it.

This is pretty much a quick Valentine's day 'card' from The Judge to :iconkiracreator21: 's HB Kay. I had a pasta involving Nazar/the Judge and HB Kay that I was writing for Valentine's Day, but it isn't finished yet, so I'd rather put something out for Valentine's Day than nothing at all.

And yes, Nazar pretty much forced the Judge to write this card for HB Kay. What did Nazar do as a Valentine's day gift? Cupcakes, that's what.

Nazar/the Judge (c) Myself.
Merry Christmas to all my followers.

Now for the rant:

Ever have a bunch of stories/art bouncing around in your head that you'd love to write/draw and put up here, but you're suffering with so much art block that you just... can't get anything done? The stories you can't get out of your head when you're not in front of something you can put 'pen to paper', but the moment you're in front of laptop or sketchbook, everything you put out is half-done or just won't translate from brain to computer?

That's been my life for the last couple months when it comes to CreepyPasta stuff.

Anyway, Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and (probably) a happy New Year.

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Prologue: He Who Fights Monsters...

>Office of the Director or National Intelligence
>McLean, Virginia

>2124 hours

Walter T. Sloan was an honest man. It was this honesty that had earned him a reputation as someone who despised “deceptive cloak-and-dagger crap” during his career in the US Marine Corps, and was also why the 65-year old retired general had been completely blindsided when President nominated him as the Director of National Intelligence 2 years ago. While Sloan didn’t mind setting objectives for the country’s intelligence community and managing the budget for the National Intelligence Program, there was one part of the job he absolutely loathed: as DNI, he was the one the CIA reported to instead of the President, which meant he got updates on everything the US government’s “cloak-and-dagger crap” experts were doing.

It was one of those updates that had Walter seated at a table in one of the conference rooms on the top floor of ODNI headquarters on a Friday night: one of CIA’s deputy directors had called him earlier about an ‘urgent matter that required the DNI’s immediate attention’. The deputy director also said he would come over to discuss the matter further since the director of the CIA was out of town and the information was ‘too sensitive to discuss over the phone’.

However, that call had been over an hour ago, and Walter was starting to lose his patience. There was no way on God’s green Earth the trip from Langley to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence should take anyone more than 20 minutes, and that included the most paranoid of CIA operatives.

“Damn spook is probably still there,” Sloan grumbled as he got up from the table and walked over to the conference room’s door, “I suppose I’d better go call Langley and check on him.” he added and let out an exasperated sigh as he opened the door and stepped into the hallway.

“Director Walter T. Sloan,” An unfamiliar voice coming from behind Walter caused his fight-or-flight reflexes to briefly kick in as he turned around and found two pale, middle-aged men in pristine black suits standing in the hallway behind him. “I regret to inform you the deputy director of the CIA won’t be coming. In fact, the dear deputy director never actually called you in the first place. We are the ones who wished to speak with you,” the taller man said casually as he pulled a small, steel badge from his suit jacket’s pocket and held it up for Sloan to see. The shape was identical to that of the standard FBI badge, but instead of the FBI’s ‘Lady Justice’ logo there was the outline of a man standing in front of a pillar of light, above that were emblazoned the words ‘Extraordinary Incident Department’. “I’m Director Blake Lockridge of the Extraordinary Incident Department. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

Extraordinary Incident Department. The EID. The 'real-life men in black'. Walter Sloan had heard about the mysterious department from the CIA’s director roughly a month after the Senate confirmed his nomination as the Director of National Intelligence. However, as far as Walter was concerned, the EID was a secret government division funded by the US's black budget and tasked with the mission of “dealing with all the things that go bump in the night". He'd even heard the EID never dealt with other US agencies through normal communication channels, but that didn't excuse impersonating one of the CIA's top brass. However, the fact the shadowy organization's director himself was in front of him 'asking' for a meeting caused Sloan to overlook the whole ‘impersonating a government official’ issue for the time being.

“You want to talk?” Sloan asked and then gestured toward the doorway, “Okay, let’s talk.” He watched as Director Lockridge walked past him into the conference room and quietly took a seat at the table, his spider-like frame and bald, pale head giving him an almost alien-like appearance. Lockridge was followed by the man Sloan guessed an EID agent, who sat beside his superior before looking back at Sloan with a bored expression. “This had better not be a waste of my time.” Walter added as he shut the door and took a seat on the other side of the table.

“This is no waste of time Director Sloan, you can be sure of that,” Lockridge replied, his lips curling into an amused smirk as he turned to the man seated beside him, “Agent Deadman, would you kindly show our dear Director of National Intelligence what the EID has uncovered.” Agent Deadman, a thin man in his mid-fifties with combed back, graying brown hair, nodded and set the briefcase on the table before he opened the lid and turned the case so it was facing Walter, revealing an intelligence report and a stack of what looked like personnel files inside.

Sloan ignored the Lockridge’s condescending tone as he took the report out of the briefcase and started reading in silence. After about ten minutes he stopped and looked up from the report. “You’re sure this information is credible?” Walter asked with a puzzled expression as he stared at the two men across from him, “Some of the things in here sound like something out of X-Files.”

“I can assure you that report is as accurate as possible,” Lockridge replied, “Honestly, it was only a matter of time before something like this showed up in the private sector. I assume you’re aware of the CIA’s human ‘enhancement’ research back in the mid-2000s?” The EID’s director smiled in approval as Sloan nodded in reply. “Excellent. That will make my proposal a lot easier to understand.”

“Your proposal?” Walter asked with a suspicious expression. Why was the head of the EID proposing anything to the DNI? For an organization so secretive and classified the majority of government workers dismissed it as an urban legend, the thought of the EID submitting a proposal for approval seemed incredibly out of place.

“If these projects are anything like what the CIA was doing, sending in a squad of SOG operatives would be the equivalent of sending lambs to the slaughter,” Lockridge began as he gestured toward the files inside the briefcase, “That’s where the EID comes into play. My department has dealt with hundreds of various entities over the decades, but most of ones we currently have locked up are relatively human and-”

“Hold it right there,” Director Sloan interrupted as he fixed the secretive man seated across the table with a cold, steely glare, “‘Locked up’? Are you telling me the Extraordinary Incident Department is holding potentially dozens of people without trial or due process?”

“Of course,” The EID director replied casually and then sighed in exasperation as Sloan continued to glare at him. “It seems I have to remind you what the EID’s mission is. My department doesn’t go around abducting random foreigners like the fools over at Langley. The Extraordinary Incident Department is only concerned with, as my CIA counterpart likes to put it, ‘the things that go bump in the night’. Most of the so-called people you’re so worried about are a collection of criminals and freaks with extraordinary abilities too dangerous for normal society.” Lockridge explained as he leaned over the table and pulled one of the personnel files from the briefcase before dropping it in front of Sloan. “See for yourself.”

The Director of National Intelligence gave Lockridge a skeptical look as he opened the file in front of him. “If you say…” Walter Sloan trailed off as he stared at the photo on the folder’s first page. It was a mugshot of the file’s subject, but the thing in the picture looked unlike any human he’d ever seen before in his life.

The picture was of a young man with dirty, dark brown hair, mottled gray skin, and two black, bleeding holes where his eyes should be. Next to the mugshot was a picture of a simple blue mask with two eyeholes and several black ‘tear-stains’ running down the sides. A quick glance through the next couple pages of the file was all it took to convince Walter to accept the EID director’s explanation. Something like this definitely needed to be kept secret from the public.

“Let me see the rest,” Walter said after a few moment of silence as he closed the file and looked at his EID counterpart. “You said the CIA’s spec ops forces won’t cut it,” He began as he took the stack of personnel files from the briefcase and started skimming through them, “Exactly how is a group of EID agents more prepared to handle the subjects discussed in that report than a squad of highly trained military operatives?”

“I never said anything about a group of EID agents,” Lockridge replied, “I’m proposing the EID dispatch the individuals discussed in the files in front of you in order to ensure the end of these experiments without exposing the US government to any… unnecessary public attention.”

Walter stopped thumbing through the file he was currently holding and sighed in frustration before he looked up at Lockridge. “It’s Blake, right? Let me explain something to you Blake,” He said in a very blunt tone, “I. Don’t. Like. Spies. I especially don’t like the CIA and the ‘black ops and wetwork as a first resort, potential fallout be damned’ attitude that comes from 75% of the agency’s top brass. Way I see it-”

“This operation sounds to you like a CIA black op on steroids,” Agent Deadman cut Director Sloan off mid-sentence and folded his arms as he leaned back in his chair and stared at the Director of National Intelligence with a slightly bored expression, “Allow me to explain something to you, Director Sloan. The world would enter a new arms’ race if a drug that had even half the potential of what the CIA’s ‘successful’ serums like Liquid Hate appeared in the wild. I speak as one of EID’s senior agents with two decades’ worth of experience catching super-powered freaks like the ones in those files when I say the best thing to do is fight fire with fire.”

Walter glared at Agent Deadman and then closed his eyes as he pinched the bridge of his nose and muttered a few obscenities under his breath once the EID agent finished speaking. The man had a point: a serum which produced similar results as the wonder-drugs created by the CIA’s decommissioned ‘human enhancement’ research division was a potential threat to the country’s national security. It was also becoming clear that Director Lockridge’s ‘proposal’ was actually the EID’s way of saying “this is what we’re doing, make sure the other agencies stay out of the way”. After a few seconds Walter opened his eyes again and quickly glanced through the rest of the files in the stack before he put the intelligence report and the personnel files back inside the briefcase and shut the lid with a satisfying click.

“Since the EID obviously plans on going through with this so-called ‘Nightmare Unit’ regardless of the outcome of this meeting,” He said and smiled for a moment as Blake looked at him in surprise, “Relax Director Lockridge. There was a sticky-note with ‘Recommend Subject DW as potential member of Nightmare Unit’ on the inside of one of the personnel files. A fitting nickname for a group of murderers and monsters I suppose.” Walter explained and added, “But I have one question before we end this little farce of a meeting: how does the EID plan to keep this little freakshow in line?”

“That information is classified I’m afraid,” Lockridge replied simply as he picked up the briefcase from the table and got up to leave, “It was a pleasure meeting you Director Walter T. Sloan. I hope that the next time we meet will be under different circumstances.” Without another word, the EID director and Agent Deadman turned and left the conference room, leaving the Walter to process everything they had discussed in complete silence.

The Nightmare Unit (Prologue)
Remember that journal entry I wrote last month where I mentioned how I going to write a CreepyPasta-based story with a similar premise to that of 'Suicide Squad'? This is the prologue to that story.

Yeah, the title's not the most imaginative one I've come up with, but it's been two years since I published anything CreepyPasta-related, and I needed to get this story out of my head. This prologue is more of a 'setting up the scenario'. The official introduction for most of the CreepyPasta characters I have planned for this story will be in Chapter 1.

Will update this with a link to the first chapter after I publish it.

Anyhow... Comment away and let me know what you think I guess!

Eyeless Jack (c) Creepypasta
'Liquid Hate' concept (c) :iconmrangrydog:
Story (c) :iconthe-metal-maniac:
Merry Christmas to all my followers.

Now for the rant:

Ever have a bunch of stories/art bouncing around in your head that you'd love to write/draw and put up here, but you're suffering with so much art block that you just... can't get anything done? The stories you can't get out of your head when you're not in front of something you can put 'pen to paper', but the moment you're in front of laptop or sketchbook, everything you put out is half-done or just won't translate from brain to computer?

That's been my life for the last couple months when it comes to CreepyPasta stuff.

Anyway, Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and (probably) a happy New Year.


The-Metal-Maniac's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Favourite genre of music: Heavy Metal, E.D.M, (among others)
Favourite photographer: ...
Operating System: Anything that's not an product of Apple
MP3 player of choice: Zune
Personal Quote: "Shut. The. Hell. Up."

I really enjoy seeing fanart/stories involving my characters. It's always entertaining to see how other artist interpret my creations.

The Creepypasta character(s) Nazar & the Judge, as well as the Digimon-based Creepypasta KeraNom, are my creations. You're allowed to use them without asking me for permission (though I don't mind if you do, either way works for me), just make sure you credit me as their owner in the deviation's description.

They're not (c) Creepypasta like Jeff or Eyeless Jack!

Currently toying with the possibility of doing art trades...


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